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With our broadband solutions your business get’s super fast internet. Get the fastest Wi-Fi available to keep your employees and customers connected. Choose the right speed that works best for your business.

PMP 450 Internet

The fastest state-of-the-art wireless Internet network in St Maarten. Available in select neighborhoods. No phone lines, no fuss, no hidden fees and very flexible.

8 mbps

8 MB/s Download speed
2 MB/s Upload Speed

10 mbps

10 MB/s Download speed
2 MB/s Upload Speed

15 mbps

15 MB/s Download speed
2 MB/s Upload Speed

Fixed Internet

Fixed internet is available at select locations and gives you access to the fastest broadband internet speeds available in St Maarten.

Bundle Name

Price per month

Download speed

Upload speed

10 mbps fixed $65.00 10 MB/s 3 MB/s
15 mbps fixed $95.00 15 MB/s 5 MB/s
20 mbps fixed $125.00 20 MB/s 6.7 MB/s
25 mbps fixed $180.00 25 MB/s 8.3 MB/s
40 mbps fixed $235.00 40 MB/s 13 MB/s
50 mbps fixed $290.00 50 MB/s 16 MB/s

Our customer service is there to help you!

At our conveniently located UTS stores in Colebay, Philipsburg and Marigot we offer a one-stop-shop for a wide range of telecom solutions. Our knowledgeable agents are happy to assist you in fulfilling all of your telecommunication needs.

You can also contact our business customer service center by email at utsbusiness@uts.sx or by phone from 8am to 5pm. Call 1721 5881010 free from your Chippie phone.


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