Chippie Company

Your costs for mobile communication can get way out of control. Now even more with the ever increasing demand for mobile internet access and mobile applications through smartphones. Mobile communication has become vital when doing business, therefore you don't want to limit contact with your customers, team-members or suppliers. We've designed a special suite of services and facilities called Chippie Company.

Chippie Company
Chippie Company

The benefits

  • Unlimited calling
    Full control on costs with unlimited calling to Chippieland
  • Competitive bundles
    Competitive bundles for voice and SMS
  • High speed data bundles
  • Latest smartphones
    Extensive range of the latest smartphones to make the best use of these services
  • Flexibility
    The flexibility to choose the right data-bundle for each co-worker

Chippie Company is available starting from USD $21.00 per month.