Auto-renew on all prepaid plans

Enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted mobile service at the best rates.

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No deposit. No extra charges. No Annual Contract.
Just simple pricing and flexible options.

Enjoy the best mobile service with the most coverage and reliability in Sint Maarten and Chippieland – It is easy to get started!


3-in-1 Data Bundle

  • No Restrictions
    Access All of Your Apps with No Restrictions.
  • Chippieland Benefits
    Continue Using Your Data Bundle while Travelling in Chippieland.
  • Bundled minutes and voice
    Combine minutes and data for maximum savings
  • LTE Service
    Feel the connection with the fastest LTE service offered on Sint Maarten using any of our prepaid data bundles.
  • Add More Anytime
    Buy an additional add-on plan of minutes or data when you’ve used up quota.



Free Minutes

Free Messages

Activation code


2 GB 2 GB 0 0 B1D to 3636 $2.99
Renews automatically
2 GB 2 GB 3.5 GB* 35 100* 10 100* B7D to 3636 $10.00
2 GB 2 GB 45 30 BS to 3636 $25.00
4 GB 4 GB 60 60 BM to 3636 $35.00
8 GB 8 GB 16 GB* 90 60 BL to 3636 $55.00
12 GB 12 GB 240 90 BXL to 3636 $120.00
  • How it works?

    Choose the right bundle for you. To activate, SMS the appropriate activation code to 3636.

    Trying bundles for the first time? Contact us to adjust your account to use prepaid bundles.

    Use your Mobile Internet bundle anywhere in Chippieland.

    Use your Minutes & SMS bundles for: calls & SMS to Chippie numbers on St. Maarten/ Saint Martin, calls & SMS to Chippieland, calls & SMS to other mobile operators on St. Maarten/ Saint Martin.
    Also, calls to fixed line operators on St. Maarten, Saint Martin, Saba & St. Eustatius.

    Take control of you mobile expenses by adding more only when you need it!
    Add extra minutes, SMS or data anytime, anywhere by sending a simple activation SMS to short code 3636.
    You can even check your remaining balance anytime by SMS!
    Know exactly what you’ve used and what you have left by sending BUNDLE VAL to 3636.

    Purchased minutes, SMS and data are available for use for a fixed timeframe after activation.
    If data, minutes or SMS messages are depleted before, additional data, minutes and SMS can be purchased with the Add-on plans listed in the Add-ons section.

    Additionally purchased minutes, SMS & data that are not used within the bundle duration expire when the bundle duration has elapsed and do not roll over.

    If you do not purchase an Add-on plan, your service will continue working and you will be charges our affordable pay-as-you-go for calls, SMS and mobile data per megabyte.

    • A compatible smartphone is required: double check if you have a smartphone device with the following frequencies: 2G: 900/1800 Mhz, 3G/4G: 850/2100 MHz
    • Don’t forget to check if your APN is set on PREMIUM: these settings vary per smartphone, but can often be found in Settings-> Mobile Network-> APN.

Our UTS Business team is here to assist you!

Contact us for a one-stop-shop of telecom solutions. Our knowledgeable account managers are happy to assist you in fulfilling all of your telecommunication needs.

You can contact us by email at or by phone from 8am to 5pm. Call 1721 5881010 free from your Chippie phone.

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