Going on vacation between July 1 and August 16, 2019?

Roam, Save miles and WIN great prizes!

Travelling to any of your favorite destinations for pleasure or work? Chippie gives you the chance to participate to win 20.000 AAdvantage Miles and other attractive prizes when you Roam On with your Chippie while using our Chippie Roaming Miles™ service. Stay connected on your own Chippie number by making use of our roaming services and you’ll be participating automatically if registered for Roaming Miles.

First prize:

Win 20.000 AAdvantage Miles!

That's right! Win 20.000 AAdvantage Miles™ and travel the world! You can use AAdvantage miles for booking American Airlines flights to nearly 1,000 destinations worldwide, make upgrades, rent cars and hotels!

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Second prize:

Win a Samsung S10

Win the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone and receive 4 GB per month for 3 months with your phone!

Samsung Galaxy S10

Third prize:

Get 3x AAdvantage Miles

Receive triple your AAdvantage Miles saved between July 1, 2019 and August 16, 2019 on your AAdvantage account.

3X AAdvantage Miles

Valid when roaming between July 1, 2019 and August 16, 2019 and if registered for Roaming Miles™ (with AAdvantage™ as loyalty program).

About Roaming Miles

The Chippie Roaming Miles™ program is a rewarding program which focusses on customers that use their Chippie while travelling abroad. With Chippie Roaming Miles™ You can now earn frequent flyer miles or hotel points from your preferred airline or hotel loyalty program when you are travelling abroad and making use of your mobile phone. And best of all: registration is FREE!

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