chippie | prepaid


Reload your Chippie Prepaid

YOU Determine How, When & Where


Recharge your account however and whenever you want to. Choose one of the six different ways to top-up your account. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • Cash top-up at our nearest UTS Store

    Reload by visiting the friendly customer service agents at SATEL NV in The Bottom.



    The Bottom, Saba
    Phone : +599 416 3211
    Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm




  • Top-up at a top-up location

    You can top-up your phone anywhere on Saba! Just look for the “Chippie SOLD HERE” sign

  • SMS recharge

    Send an SMS to automatically recharge your account and debit your Windward Island Bank (WIB) account. You can set this up at any WIB ATM machine.

  • ATM reload at your nearest WIB ATM machine

    Reload your account directly from your WIB account at any Windward Islands Bank (WIB) ATM machine. Enter your 7-digit phone number on the ATM screen and follow the instructions

  • WIB online recharge

    Use your Windward Island Bank Internet Banking service. Surf to and select option PAYMENT and beneficiary UTS/Chippie Recharge. Enter the 7-digit phone number.

Chippieland Benefits

Continue using your data bundle while travelling in Chippieland

Our customer service is there to help you!

At our conveniently located partner SATEL in the Bottom, we offer a one-stop-shop for a wide range of telecom solutions. Our knowledgeable agents are happy to assist you in fulfilling all of your telecommunication needs.

You can also contact our customer service center by email at or by phone from 8am to 5pm. Call 1721 5881010 free from your Chippie phone.